How do I expand my eBay US business internationally?

The world is huge, with more than 193 recognized countries. If you add dozens of colonies and territories controlled by other countries, this number will rapidly grow to more than 200 countries worldwide. For eBay sellers looking to expand internationally, many of them are concerned that customs rules and regulations will differ from country to country. How is an eBay seller familiar with customs regulations in each country? The answer is you can't do it. So, eBay sellers avoid this kind of problem by choosing to make your product available to the global market? Slow and organized international expansion is the only way to make customs rules the buyer's responsibility.

First phase of U.S. seller international expansion

The first step in the process is to change the shipping policy page for the item. A nice feature that eBay offers is that you can choose the specific country where you want to start international repairs. But which country should you choose? Currently, USPS provides services internationally known as "First Class International". The United States Postal Service has increased postage for this service-level category, in some cases doubling postage. However, it allows new eBay International customers to ship 4-ounce packages internationally and receive delivery confirmation scans in selected countries. These are the first countries where you start your new eBay international business.

Activate the following countries:

Canada Australia UK

Netherlands Germany Switzerland

Belgium New Zealand Sweden

Spain Ireland Finland

France Portugal Brazil


If you are using an order management system such as Shipstation or Shipworks, they will allow you to purchase insurance for these packages. This will alleviate your concerns about potential fraud and lost packages.

Transportation policy

Make sure to adjust your shipping policy page to reflect the fact that you are servicing the countries listed above. Make sure you choose the correct shipping service and mention that you don't provide combined shipping for international orders. Also, make sure that you indicate that items that are prohibited from entering the country are the buyer's responsibility. The seller is not responsible for items that your customs agency prohibits entry, restricts entry or prevents entry. If you have questions about entry restrictions, please contact your local customs office. The buyer shall be solely responsible for the duties and taxes levied on the goods.

Addressing label system

When expanding into international markets, you want to use an address management system that grows with your business. I always recommend using Endicia allows you to take advantage of the commercial base prices of domestic parcels and generate labels that comply with international first-level parcels. This will become an important feature as your business grows.

Measure your success

Track how many packages are shipped internationally each day. The main statistics you will measure are as follows:

1] Number of international orders?

2] What percentage of package losses are related to your international orders?

3] What percentage of fraudulent orders?

4] How does it compare to your US business?

5] From which country have you received the most orders?

Phase 2 for international expansion of eBay U.S. sellers [shipping more than 20 packages abroad per day]

As a result, you have entered the first phase of international expansion, and as your business expands, you see some real successes. As a seller, you know that if you can reduce postage internationally, you can further expand your business. How did you do it? You contact a USPS Post Qualified Wholesaler. To find and contact a qualified postal wholesaler, you need to contact your global account manager at USPS.

OK, so you have found a USPS qualified wholesaler and want to know which USPS bulk international mailing plan you should choose? Every eBay seller answers this question differently. In most cases, two options are listed below:

USPS International Priority Air Mail

This is a USPS first-class international mail service provided by Postal Qualified Wholesalers [PQW] to more than 200 countries around the world. In essence, the USPS has outsourced the sorting, shipping, and preparation of the US side required for international distribution. PQW will send your mail to the USPS International Sorting Center [ISC] and the mail will be unsealed and ready for use on the next flight. Because USPS is receiving outgoing mail, your package will not be scanned at the receiving facility, and delivery confirmation scans will not be received in the destination country. The benefit of this service is that in many cases your postage will be halved. You will be able to upload the same tracking number to eBay, but they will not scan the delivery. Now this is where your statistics come in handy. If you have suffered a high percentage of losses during your Phase 1 test, this service is not for you. However, if you experience a percentage of consignable losses, you may want to test this service to optimize postal savings and increase the number of international orders received. If you think you must track these orders, you must use the next service. For additional information on International Priority Airmail, please see my article entitled USPS E-Commerce International Priority Airmail on

USPS Business ePacket

This is a USPS first-class international mail service provided by Post Qualified Wholesalers [PQW] to 15 countries around the world. The main difference between commercial ePacket and international priority airmail is that ePacket will have a delivery confirmation number and it will be scanned and delivered by the receiving post office. The trade-off here is that the service is more expensive than international priority airmail.

Important note

Some important considerations to take in determining international modes of transport

1] Will your business grow beyond the risk of packet loss?

2] How many fraudulent claims have you experienced internationally?

3] Is your product selling price very low, and if the packaging is lost, can it be easily replaced?

4] Are you willing to eliminate the risk of loss by keeping a small portion of postage savings from my insurance?