Island hopping in the Philippines-an exciting experience

If planned correctly, few outdoor activities are more fascinating than island hopping. In this article, I will introduce some guides that will guide you through the maze of island hopping in the Philippines and how you and your partner have a great time. So let's travel to the Philippines and see the possibility of island hopping in the Philippines. You will enjoy a fun-filled scuba diving experience, delicious meals and pristine coral reefs covered with colorful fishes and more.

Island hopping in the Philippines is second to none because the Philippines is an island made up of 7,100 islands in Southeast Asia. What makes the Philippines' island hopping in this paradise even more fascinating is that it will not cost you a hand.

If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy every minute of visits and activities: exquisite white sand beaches, fine and delicious meals and breathtaking scenery. You will also enjoy various water sports: diving, parasailing, surfing, snorkeling and more.

How will you handle 7,100 islands in one country? If you have time, exploring some of them may be the obvious response. Anyway, this might be what you might do on your next trip to the Philippines.

Now that you have decided to hang out in the Philippines, take a piece of paper and write down a plan. Make it real, feasible and flexible. When you venture in foreign territory, make sure to include Plan B in your overall plan, as sometimes ferries are late, aircraft can be delayed, and many other unknown factors caused by Mother Nature.

Time is an important factor to consider in your plan. Let's say you want to hop island in Cebu City, Philippines. It is said that upon arrival from the United States, you will be staying at a hotel in the capital Manila. The flight from Manila to Cebu City takes approximately 45 minutes. With all things in mind, when you arrive in Cebu City Cebu you may need to take a break and start your round-the-island tour the next day. From island to island, you will most likely need a day or more.

During the trip, you will use domestic flights, short-haul Bangas [banana], long-haul ro-ro and longer ferries if needed. On land, you may have to take public transport such as buses, taxis and rental cars, or rent a private car with a driver at a very reasonable price. There are plenty of foods and beverages to suit your needs almost everywhere. These should not be a big problem for you. Make sure you bring your own drinking water or only drink from a sealed water bottle.

In Cebu City, you can plan island hopping at the following destinations: Bohol Island, Mactan Island, Oriental Hotel Negros, Wright, Siquijor, and more. To demonstrate, of these five islands, I will show you how to make island hopping trips to Bohol and Wright only. You can easily do other things based on the first two using the same procedures and principles.

let's continue. Be sure to check your Filipino calendar for your holidays as this may affect your travel. You should pack lightly. Wear comfortable clothes and waterproof shoes. If you have one, carry a lightweight backpack and waterproof camera. Don't rely on ATMs or banks; therefore, you should bring cash or Filipino currency.

On average, you should spend about 1100 Philippine pesos or pesos, or $ 26 per day on island hopping or more, which should include transportation, food and other expenses.

From the capital Manila

You should purchase a two-way ticket at Manila at Nino International Airport. Take a domestic flight from Manila to Cebu International Airport in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu City. You can choose a hotel in Lapu-Lapu. It takes about 45 minutes to fly from Manila to Cebu Mactan International Airport in Lapu Lapu.

The first thing you need to do when you arrive in Cebu is to collect all the information on the ferry schedule: fare, departure date and time, and return time to your destination. Also, if you plan to spend the night at one location, you should book a hotel room in advance. Ask the receptionist at the hotel desk for the required information.

You should decide whether to spend the night at each destination. This is the best way to synchronize your island hopping itinerary. Basically, if you want to visit 3 or 4 islands nearby, you may need to stay at least 4 or 5 nights in Cebu, provided that you do not spend the night on any of the islands.

The first island you may want to visit is Bohol Island. So you take a ferry from Cebu City. At your hotel reception, ask the clerk how to take the ferry to Bohol Island. With this information, the taxi driver will take you to the right jetty to Bohol. Get two tickets. Make sure you check the time and date of your return trip.

You may decide to explore Bohol Island by bus or private car or with a guide. It's up to you. After completing Bohol, you can now decide to continue to Leyte on the same day [possibly in the evening]. Check the ferry schedule from Bohol to Wright to make sure the island tour is going as planned.

In Bohol Province, buy a two-way train ticket from Subay Ubai [Bohol] to Bator [Wright]. Check your ferry ticket to make sure you arrive on time when you return. You may want to hire a guide or private car with driver from Bato in Leyte; this is also a possibility. Nevertheless, tour guides should be the way to go. Because you will arrive at Wright sometime in the evening, you will have to stay there overnight. You will find many hotel accommodations and restaurants to choose from.

You've been exploring Leyte almost all day. Ask the receptionist at the hotel front desk about travel information: city trips, boat trips, etc. If you decide to take part in some water sports, you can rent a boat or board a boat tour. If you want to dive, board the dive boat. In this case, you can rent a snorkel, mask and other gear on the beach. Before doing so, determine if these items are included with your diving travel package.

If you enjoy diving, you might also like the views of pristine coral reefs covered with colorful fish. Perhaps, after a pleasant and exciting dive, you should be ready to take a ferry on your way to Cebu. View your ferry schedule. If you have more time to leave Manila, you may wish to take more island hopping tours in Siquijor, Mactan Island and Negros Oriental. Happy island tour around the Philippines!