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While everything seemed to go wrong from the beginning and the impulse dissipated over the weekend, the rally was again animated by crypto-bulls. The positive feeling is back on the scene when we talk about the rally of Santa Claus and Bitcoin pays $ 9,000.

Crypto Bulls is back?
After being dumped on Friday, Bitcoin spent most of the weekend at the $ 8,800 level. The sentimental bearish sentiment has started and analysts expect a further decline of $ 8,600 or less. The late Sunday trading was invaluable as the BTC was able to exceed $ 9,000.

A one-hour candle would move an average of $ 9,150 over a period of 200 hours before bringing the smallest amount back to $ 9,050. The 3% move kept Bitcoin still in the area as analysts watched the new triangle formations.


It may take several more days to consolidate to reach the top of this triangle, which will lead to new steps.

The cryptocurrency operator and analyst describe the fall of the phalanx, but are volatile in the long run and should be $ 7,000.